AL7-ON was created by Brath Osk Yerp shortly before the fall of the Bothan Spynet to serve as a pilot and courier/smuggler; AL7-0N continued to serve Brath in that role after Brath became head of the New Republic Intelligence Agency.

AL7-0N is a general purpose, male-personality utility droid, equipped with a complex repulsorlift engine enabling him to fly in any gravity well with a large degree of maneuverability. He has two sets of three manipulator arms on either side of his body, but he can only use one per side at any given time. He has two arms with “hand” appendages for fine manipulation, two arms with integrated blaster pistols for defense (one of which is an ion blaster), an arm with an arc welder, and an arm with an extensible gripper for those hard-to-reach areas. Although he appears unwieldy, AL7-0N is quite dexterous, both in terms of maneuverability and manipulation with his hand appendages.

In addition to his flight capabilities, AL7-ON has a limited-use magnetic wheeled system that he can deploy if his flight system should ever be damaged. AL7-ON also features a relatively large hidden storage compartment, which he uses for smuggling and courier missions.

When Brath created AL7-ON, he deliberately gave AL7-ON a speech impediment, believing (correctly) that it would help AL7-ON hide his nature as a smuggler and making it less likely that he would be searched as a secret cargo hold. Although AL7-0N understands several languages (and is, in fact, quite intelligent), he has difficulty expressing himself. When conversing in Binary, he is unable to convey anything other than pertinent facts and cannot add opinion or emotion to any of his discourse. When conversing in any other language, AL7-0N can only make allusions to the subject or object of his sentence and cannot directly speak the name of an item, forcing him to frequently speak in near-nonsense riddles. AL7-0N may call a hammer, for example, “that which strikes a nail”.

This difficulty in conversation coupled with an imposing chassis has resulted in most people dismissing AL7-0N as a dumb security droid. He has cultivated this by limiting himself to yes or no replies and otherwise keeping silent unless directly queried. It saddens him, however, not to be able to speak his own thoughts freely. He deals with this by, when speaking to close acquaintances, attempting to formulate his nonsensical riddles in a humorous manner.

AL7-0N has been granted a fair amount of autonomy by Brath over the years, and has developed into an independent droid. He serves Brath out of respect and a belief in his causes, both the Spynet and the NRIA. When he was asked by Brath to work for Jun Fan on a mission of particular importance, AL7-0N readily agreed, again out of a respect both for a former companion of Brath and for his cause.


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