Star Wars: Ashla Alliance

This campaign is a continuation of a previous game entitled “Star Wars: Shattered Hope” which started at the beginning of Episode 4, however, with one major plot change. C3PO and R2D2’s escape pod was shot down by Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer. As a result, a force sensitive doctor (Jun Fan), his bodyguard(Trent Bishop) and a Bothan mechanic(“Boy”) became heroes of the rebellion and eventually destroyed the Death Star. This campaign begins roughly 20 years after that event…

After the destruction of the Death Star and death of Emperor Vader, roughly half the planets of the Empire defected to the New Republic which was started by Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar and Trent Bishop. Darth Vader’s apprentice, Darth Fury, proclaimed herself as the Empress and worked tirelessly to maintain and rebuild her empire. Meanwhile, Jun Fan resigned his commission in the rebellion and began his quest to form a new force organization similar to the old Jedi Order. Brath, aka “Boy”, eventually became Chief Spymaster in the Bothan Spynet.

As the New Republic faced countless challenges in its formation, Jun Fan received a visit from General Obi Wan’s spirit. Ben informed Jun that he must form an organization of force users that could serve as guardians of peace and justice for the New Republic, much like the Jedi Order once served for the Old Republic. At first, Jun seemed reluctant to fulfill Ben’s request. Thus, Ben gave Jun a vision of what would happen if he didn’t. At that moment, Jun realized his true destiny. Immediately, Jun reported this idea to Mon Mothma who emphatically agreed to the importance of such an organization. She gave Jun the rights to the abandoned Jedi Enclave on Dantooine and uttered the famous words, “May the Force be with you.”

While Jun Fan was riding on a New Republic transport to Dantooine, he began planning the blueprint for such an organization. As a Potentium apologist and an academic, he very well could not form an order based on Jedi philosophy. This would have to be based on his morals and ideals. However, what if no one wants to join a Potentium based order? Then he heard a voice in his head say, “Unity in Diversity.” As this phrase echoed in his mind, Jun received an epiphany. The entire blueprint of the “Ashla Alliance” appeared in his mind and what he had to do to accomplish such a goal.

Jun heard rumors that various tribal Force traditions existed on various planets throughout the galaxy and outer rim. His goal will be to find their location and spend some time befriending them. Then he will propose his idea to the elders. In essence, he will offer more than just a treaty with the tribe; he will propose an amalgamation between the Ashla Alliance, New Republic and their tribe. They will have the protection of the New Republic and, in return, they will appoint one of their members to represent their tradition on the Ashla Counsel. The appointed person will pledge his/her loyalty to the Ashla Alliance in a common bond of fighting evil and maintaining peace in the galaxy.

As a follower of Potentium, Jun believed there was no inherit evil in viewing the force. What others referred to as the “Light Side” was actually just the Force itself. This is backed by the fact that Ashla, the ancient name for the Force, came later to describe the light side. The “Dark Side” was a perversion of the Force, twisted by those who used it. The potential for light and dark sides resided in the user, not the Force itself. Thus, the challenge will be to expand on the similarities between this philosophy and the philosophy of its members from various Force traditions.

Meanwhile, before Obi Wan and Darth Vader killed each other in an epic battle, Jun, Trent and Brath discovered Luke Skywalker’s true identity and brought him before Obi Wan. In a private conversation, Obi Wan informs Luke about his parents life then secretly sends him to Dagobah to train under Master Yoda. Unfortunately, Obi Wan dies in a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader, and the pilot that flew him there died in the Death Star invasion. Thus, there was no record of Luke’s location. When Yoda died early in Luke’s training, Luke was stranded, alone, on the swampy planet. Years pass by and bit by bit Luke begins to lose his mind. The cave near Yoda’s abode that is strong in the Dark Side lures Luke inside one day. Then Luke has multiple visions of Darth Vader and Darth Fury’s life. These illusions train Luke on Sith philosophy and even train him in the use of force powers and lightsaber combat. With nothing else to do on this planet, Luke trains 16 hours a day for many years. He becomes very strong in the dark side of the force.

One day, Darth Fury receives a visit from her father’s force spirit. He informs her that she has a brother and gives her his location. Leia personally flies to Dagobah to rescue him. Already knowing who she was from the cave’s illusions, the meeting goes quite well. She takes Luke back to her Star Destroyer. Not being one for politics, Luke declines Leia’s offer of running the Empire together. His destiny had already been shown to him by an illusion on Dagobah. He starts an Imperial Knight Academy and trains force sensitive candidates. However, he and Leia have a secret agenda for the Academy. Since Leia is the galaxy’s only Sith Lord, she decides to alter the “Rule of Two.” She has Luke train a secret group of hand-selected students in Sith philosophy and warfare. A student is either trained it the art of Sith Sorcery or as a Sith Warrior. When they graduate, a sorcerer and a Warrior are paired together and they are sent on top secret missions by either Luke or Leia. Thus, the Rule of Two becomes the Combined Pair Rule. Luke and Leia are still a few years away from their master plan of starting another “Great Sith War” with the Ashla Alliance and restoring the Empire once again.

As Darth Fury awaits her plan to unfold, she realizes that the New Republic is slowly picking apart her Empire. The Empire is currently around 45% of its original size. Planetary leaders are losing their fear of her and finding strength in joining the New Republic. Thus, Darth Fury takes drastic measures. She disbands the Empire and forms the Imperial Union of Planets. She also goes from being Empress Fury to Queen Leia Organa of the Imperial Union. She forms a Parliament and allows the planets in the Union to elect their leaders to represent their interest. Basically, she gives them the illusion of a democracy by allowing to legislate on trivial matters, however, as Queen she has final authority on any issue involving the Union.

In an epic meeting between Queen Leia and Mon Mothma, a treaty is signed between the two powers. However, Jun Fan is not fooled at all by Leia’s actions. He is fully aware of her true nature. Furthermore, Brath informs him that several of his spies had witnessed Luke’s secret training area. He then gives Jun a detailed briefing on what the Imperial Knight Academy is doing behind closed doors. Jun knows all to well that they are deep in a cold war between the Union and Republic, and that a major incident is coming soon…...

Star Wars: Ashla Alliance

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